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AAU Matchmaking is part of AAU Innovation, a unit at Aalborg University that is dedicated to developing and sustaining collaborative relationships between research and students on the one hand, and companies, organizations and public authorities on the other.

This work translates into a variety of exciting projects, and below you can see a number of projects that AAU Innovation is involved in.


BrainsBusiness is a large private/public partnership in the ICT area, dedicated to supporting and developing the North Denmark ICT cluster. 

The goal is to foster innovation, growth and jobs – both between businesses and between research/knowledge institutions and businesses.

BrainsBusiness supports and develops the North Denmark ICT cluster through work with networking, innovation projects as well as branding and visibility.

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EnergyVision.dk is a North Denmark energy partnership involving Aalborg University, the North Denmark Region and the municipalities in North Denmark, whose purpose is the establishment of a strategic collaborative and coordinating body that can manage a joint profile, knowledge sharing and facilitation of collaboration across North Denmark energy actors.



The purpose of KASK:VIE is to promote sustainable economic growth in the Kattegat-Skagerrak region through efforts in three target areas:

  • Knowledge collaboration and matchmaking between research environments and companies
  • More knowledge-intensive companies and entrepreneurs
  • Interregional cooperation between two strong development networks (Life Science and Energy & Environment)

In each area, a common set of tools and methods is developed through the exchange of experiences and best practices, which will strengthen the parties involved for more focused knowledge efforts in their local area and create fertile soil for new initiatives across regions.

Contact AAU Matchmaking

Contact AAU Matchmaking

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E-mail: match@aau.dk

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