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Project Collaboration

Each semester, several thousand students at Aalborg University perform their student projects in collaboration with companies.

On this website, relevant information can be found in relation to i.e. typical expectations with regard to the collaboration, pitfalls, model agreements, as well as tips and points of attention that may be relevant when entering into an agreement with the students regarding collaboration on a student project.

Both the company and the students are expected to contribute to the project and to gain learning experience from the performance of the project. The company has a chance to have students with special academic qualifications test relevant cases or analyze problems, while the students gets the opportunity to collaborate with industry on authentic problems within their field of education.

Below you will find information for companies.

Information to students

Information to supervisors

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    Students at Aalborg University have a high academic level, and a project collaboration gives you:

    • the opportunity to add extra resources to solve many different tasks
    • fresh input and new eyes on current challenges or incomplete projects with potential
    • access to the latest specialized knowledge in a wide range of relevant areas

    Through student projects in collaboration with students at Aalborg University, companies have the opportunity to have students with special academic qualifications work on a case or analyze a problem. Perhaps the company has a case or a problem that the company would like for the students to work on or the students might have an idea for a case/problem they would like to work on together with the company.

    During the performance of the student project, the company is expected to allocate a company supervisor to the project as a mentor for the student. In this way, the company obtains ongoing knowledge of the progress of the work and the opportunity to make proposals for the direction of the project, as well as what problems that are being addressed. The duration of a student project is typically a semester.

    It is important that the project case is relevant for the student’s education and academically corresponds to the student’s level of education. The purpose of the collaboration is to generate new knowledge and enable the student to satisfy the learning goals of the project module.

    Companies that make project proposals available to students in connection with a project-oriented course are helping to prepare the students to work with real life practical issues. In that way, companies can help educate students in the company's area of ​​interest and contribute to the recruitment basis for future employees.

    As part of the project work, the students have access to laboratories and facilities at Aalborg University, which are included as a general part of the student’s education. That means that the company obtains access to analyze and test systems, methods and material through the student project, which the company may not have access to in its own business. It should be noted however, that software used at AAU may be restricted to academic use by University staff only.

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    At Aalborg University, there is a great focus on educating talented students, who are qualified to meet the challenges of the future and the demands of business. Aalborg University uses the learning model PBL (Problem Based Learning) in its education, allowing students at Aalborg University to:

    • acquire knowledge and skills independently and at a high professional level
    • to work analytically, interdisciplinary, problem- and result oriented
    • collaboration with the business community on solving authentic industrial problems
    • develop their skills in teamwork
    • become well prepared for the job market

    A significant contribution to qualifying students is obtained through project-oriented collaborations with private and public companies. Typically, students at Aalborg University will have the chance to perform projects in collaboration with companies at different levels of their education, with the intent to gain experience with advanced problems in an industrial context and to gain practical experience in addition to the theoretical application.

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    To get the most out of the collaboration, we expect the company to allocate a company supervisor.

    The company supervisor must have knowledge and experience in the relevant scientific field. The task of the company supervisor is to ensure that the goal of the course is met as much as possible by ensuring that the student:

    • deals with a study-relevant issue at a level corresponding to the semester the student is in. It must be ensured that the nature of the work enables the students to meet the learning objectives of the project module.
    • gets support and guidance. It is expected that the supervisor spends a reasonable amount of time per week on guidance. The student also receives guidance from the university and the company supervisor will therefore not be solely responsible for guiding the student.

    In addition, each study board may have set specific expectations for the company in connection with the student project.

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    The role of Aalborg University in relation to student projects is to allocate a supervisor for the student to supervise the student during the performance of the project and to perform examination of the student as completion of the project. The project-oriented course involves a semester or subject coordinator and a project supervisor, who is employed by Aalborg University. Before the start of the project, the Study Board must approve a project-oriented course in collaboration with a company.

    The project is concluded with an individual oral exam based on the student’s project report. The student, the AAU supervisor and censor participates in the examination. The Study Board can decide to allow the company supervisor or other relevant company representatives to join the examination. Examination will be performed by the AAU supervisor, while the assessment is performed by the examiner and the censor.

    The supervisor and censor (internal or external) will qua their role within the public administration be subject to a non-disclosure obligation concerning the company’s trade secrets, cf. the Public Administration Act § 27.

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    The project report is important in the student’s search for a job after completion of his/her education. In that point of view, the student should, to the widest extent possible, be free to use and distribute his/her project report when the project has been completed. There may however be situations where the company’s trade secrets are included in the project report or where the project report otherwise reflects the companies strategies or core activities why publication of the project report would compromise the company’s business significantly. In such cases, it seems reasonable for the parties to decide to keep the project report confidential and close the examination from the public.

    The students are not employees of the university and therefore decide for themselves what terms they will accept in a collaboration agreement for a student project. In the event that a student receives confidential information from the company for the preparation of the project report, it is important that the student has the opportunity to pass on this information to the supervisor at the university, to the extent necessary to discuss the project progress and academic content. The same applies in relation to the possibility of sharing the project report with the examiner and censor, in order for the student to take the exam.

    If the company decides that an agreement is needed for the collaboration of the student project, Aalborg University's website contains templates for use in student projects, which are pre-approved by the university and can therefore be used in connection with student projects. AAU/the supervisor is not a party to the template agreements. The reason is that the supervisor is already subject to the duty of confidentiality; cf. the Administration Act in relation to the company's trade secrets. Using the agreement templates also ensures a quick process for the company and the student. There are two agreement templates described below:

    • Non-disclosure Agreement for Student Project: In many cases, the company contributes to the project with interesting problems, product specifications, data, strategy and information in relation to economy and market. Many wish for such information to be kept secret. To ensure that the student undertakes non-disclosure obligations with regard to the company’s trade secrets disclosed by the company in the course of performance of the student project, we have prepared a Non-disclosure Agreement for Student Project – which can be found here in Danish and English.
    • Non-disclosure and Rights Agreement for Student Project: Besides an obligation of confidentiality, the company may require regulation of rights to the results of the project. Since the company contributes to the student project with time and knowledge, the company often expect to be able to use the results within their business. The student puts a great deal of work into the project and will, where no other agreement is made, be the owner of the results generated by the student. Most students will however be prepared to allow the company to exploit the results generated in the project. In the case where the parties require an agreement that covers both non-disclosure obligations and ownership and exploitation rights to results generated in the project, we have prepared a Non-disclosure and Rights Agreement for Student Projects – which can be found here in Danish and English.

    Some companies prefer to use their own agreement template in connection with a student project. In such event, it is up to the students to decide if he or she will accept the proposed terms. In any case, the parties should ensure that the student can share necessary information with the supervisor and the examiner and thus be able to take the exam. In this connection, it should be noted that the student cannot impose obligations on the university in an agreement between the student and the company.

    In special cases, the university will be willing to enter as a party to agreements on student projects if it is considered crucial for the company that the supervisor is included in the agreement. In such case, the company may contact the Study Board, who will assess whether the university will initiate negotiations on the agreement, based on a number of predetermined criteria. Such agreement would require legal review by the university’s Grants and Contract Office and time for legal review must be expected. Student agreements cannot be expected to be assigned a greater priority to other university activities

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    If your company has a case or a problem that the company would like for AAU students to work with, the company can submit the project proposal at the AAU Jobbank at no cost. The proposal consist of five steps to be filled in by the company.

    In AAU Jobbank, you can also search for AAU students for full-time and study jobs as well as internships.



Collaboration with students

​Aalborg University students have high disciplinary expertise in their subjects, as well as a wide range of general competencies related to group work and project work. They are therefore equipped to undertake a wide variety of tasks in your business.

Whether in terms of an internship, a student job or project, companies will get a highly motivated, inventive employee capable of solving specific tasks in conjunction with the company, or more generally, looking at the daily practices of the company with fresh eyes. And furthermore, they get the chance to introduce the company to potential future employees.

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