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Department of Chemistry and Bioscience

The primary research activities of the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience take place within biotechnology, chemistry, environmental engineering and biology. All our research units collaborate with both private and public companies and institutions.

Potential areas of collaboration

Working with us will give companies and organisations access to the latest research and our many competences within these research areas:

Biotechnology, including:

  • Molecular biotechnology
  • Bioprocess technology
  • Protein chemistry
  • Transcriptomics and proteomics of plants and bacterial communities
  • NMR spectroscopy
  • Microbial ecology
  • Enzyme and microbial bioprocess technology

Sustainable biotechnology

  • The overall aim of the work within this field is to develop biomass conversion systems for the sustainable production of chemicals, fuels and materials (including feed and food). Research is mainly focused on the biochemical conversion of biomass into bioenergy and valuable by-products in biorefinery systems.

Chemistry, including:

  • Inorganic materials
  • Supramolecular chemistry
  • Separation science

Chemical Engineering, including:

  • Research within energy, environment and materials based on chemistry, physics and physical chemistry
  • Mathematical and statistical modelling on transport and transition processes
  • Oil and gas technology
  • Environmental cleaning
  • Composites and adhesive bonding
  • Drinking water
  • Biomass changes

Biology and Environmental Science

  • Research within this field focuses on assessing and solving current environmental problems using stateof-the-art methods and technology. The overall aim is to protect resources, health and environmental quality by combining expertise in physical, chemical and biological processes.

How can we help you?

All our researchers and students are open to working with both private and public companies and institutions. A partnership can constitute anything from student projects to extensive research contracts.

Industry knowledge

We are in close contact with both public and private institutions and companies within a wide range of subject areas in terms of short and long collaborative projects. This concerns biomedicine, bioenergy, and chemistry and environmental engineering.

Find out more at www.en.bio.aau.dk