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Physics and Nanotechnology

The research at the Department of Physics and Nanotechnology focuses on the nanotechnological aspects of two competencies: Nanophysics and Nanobiotechnology. Our work is based in physics and biotechnology.

Potential areas of collaboration

Working with us will give companies and organisations access to the latest research and our many competences within research areas such as:


Our work within this field concerns the potentials in being able to develop new materials and design structures with nanometer precision. The aim is new electronic, optical and magnetic characteristics, e.g. with regards to conductivity, light reflection and surface protection.

Nano optics

Our work within this field concerns different optical phenomena taking place within illuminated nanostructures such as photonic crystals. In particular, we focus on optical nanotechnology with ultra-compact integrated optical components based on surface plasmon polaritons extending along nanostructured metal surfaces.


Our work within this field concerns different biologically-based phenomena of nanotechnology, such as the study of the formation of organic and inorganic nanoparticles and their interaction with biomolecules, the incorporation of these nanoparticles or selforganized biological nanostructures into drug delivery systems for nanomedical applications and the study of self-organizing systems based on biological molecules. In addition to the nanoparticles and nanosensor studies, we are working on the integration of small peptides in molecular electronics applications and the study of the effects of these peptides on microorganisms (antimicrobial peptides).

How can we help you?

We work within all of AAU’s forms of collaboration. In addition, companies can obtain access to our labs. In addition to our physics and bio labs (class 1), each covering 500 m2, we also have at our disposal a 1000 m2 clean room area (NanoLab). These facilities, combined with the opportunity for student projects, Industrial PhD or research collaboration with the department have led to a number of companies now being housed within the department premises.

Selected prior collaboration topics:

  • Medtec
  • The physical and chemical characteristics of materials
  • Biotechnology
  • Sensors
  • Optics
  • Light

Industry knowledge

We have experience working with the medico industry and the other industries mentioned above.

Find out more at www.nano.aau.dk


Department of Physics and Nanotechnology houses AAU NanoLab. NanoLab functions as a direct entrance for public and private companies to clean room facilities, consultancy services and projects involving micro to nanotechnology.

The facilities, equipment and expertise of NanoLab are available to both the university and industry. Our many cross-disciplinary collaborations enable us to draw on a wide range of academic disciplines in the projects we engage in.

Find out more at www.nanolab.aau.dk