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Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences conducts research within a number of mathematical fields under the headings of statistics, probability theory, applied mathematical analysis, geometry and discrete mathematics. Our researchers conduct basic as well as applied research, and we find it important to have close contact and dialogue with many different environments outside the university.

Potential areas of collaboration

Working with us will give companies and organisations access to the latest research and our many competences within research areas such as:

  • Mathematical analysis
  • Mathematical physics
  • Topology and geometry
  • Graph theory
  • Encoding theory
  • Information theory
  • Probability theory
  • Statistics, including e.g.:
    - Spatial statistics
    - Econometrics
    - Biostatistics
    - Bayesian statistics
    - Simulation methods

How can we help you?

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers consultancy and counselling services in connection with specific issues or research projects within business and industry, at research institutions and in other research environments at Aalborg University.

Among other things, our consultancy service offers mathematical and statistical consultancy services of various kinds:

  • Planning experiments
  • Drawing up research protocols with regards to data description as well as choice of statistical model and method
  • Statistical processing of data
  • Optimisation of problems

Our service can constitute either the actual execution of the concrete analysis or consist of assistance to enable our partners to help themselves, so to speak.

Selected prior collaboration topics:

  • Forensics
  • Mobile telephony
  • Astronomy
  • Biology and quantitative genetics
  • Financing and economics
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Communication systems
  • Medical imaging
  • Environmental and agricultural sciences
  • Nanoscience
  • Signal and image processing

Industry knowledge

We emphasise collaboration with research environments, business and industry and other educational institutions in order to ensure a dynamic environment and development within both education and research activities. Our research can be applied in a number of fields – within universities, within governmental research institutions and in commercial collaboration. Among the sectors that we have worked with are the healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the above-mentioned lines of business and fields.

Find out more at www.math.aau.dk