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Learning and Philosophy

The Department of Education, Learning and Philosophy is anchored in all four faculties at Aalborg University. As such, our research, educational programmes and collaborations are characterised by their interdisciplinary nature. In all our activities, we place great emphasis on reinforcing the connection between research, development and professional practice, and some of the key terms in our collaborations are organisational learning, workplace learning, competence development and evaluation.

Potential areas of collaboration

Working with us will give companies and organisations access to the latest research and our many competences within research areas such as:

Pedagogy and didactics, including:

  • Learning theory
  • Learning processes and IT
  • University pedagogics
  • Problem-based learning

Organisational learning and work-place learning, including:

  • Knowledge processes in organisations
  • Creativity
  • Innovation

Educational research, including:

  • Pedagogic sociology
  • Interculturality and diversity
  • Learning and didactics in the science subjects and mathematics

Philosophy, including:

  • Management philosophy
  • Technology and ethics

Philosophy of science, including:

  • Methodology
  • Interdisciplinary thinking

How can we help you?

In addition to the general forms of collaboration offered by AAU, we also offer:

  • Evaluation and analysis of projects, development initiatives, lesson plans, etc.
  • Development of competence development plans within e.g. management, didactics, and organisational development
  • Development and completion of (employee) educational programmes and organisational change processes
  • Pedagogical/didactic development of teaching/education

Selected prior collaboration topics:

  • Natural science in state schools
  • Invention and innovative natural science at technology colleges
  • Intercultural management
  • Teaching and consultancy concerning coaching in a major Danish company

Industry knowledge

The department has and has had numerous collaborations with both public and private organisations and companies, and with both Danish and international educational and research institutions. Examples of partners are university colleges and adult education centres all over the country, in addition to small and large public and private companies and organisations.

Find out more at www.learning.aau.dk