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Culture and Global Studies

The Department of Culture and Global Studies focuses on studying culture and society: inter-human relations, relations between cultures, local and global relations, and relations between the past and the future. We consider collaboration and the exchange of knowledge to be the alpha and omega of high-level research. Therefore, our department researchers, research groups and centres participate in a large number of research networks and collaboration units – and are represented on external boards and committees at regional, national and international levels.

Potential areas of collaboration

Working with us will give companies and organisations access to the latest research and our many competences within research areas such as:

  • European studies, with a special focus on regional integration
  • History, including cultural encounters in pre-modern societies and the history of present democracies
  • International relations and global studies, including migration and refugee studies and development research
  • Culture and literature analysis within Danish, Nordic languages, English, German and Spanish
  • Gender research
  • Market communication
  • Media studies, including media history and media culture
  • The history of music, and the position of music in society
  • Policy studies with a focus on research in political decision making processes
  • The relation between language, discourse and society, with a special focus on the use of certain discourses in certain contexts
  • Tourism research
  • The foreign language and trade, specific communication of enterprises and organisations, including intercultural issues in a globalised society
  • Foreign languages and language research

How can we help you?

We strongly emphasise interaction with the surrounding society and welcome enquiries from companies, organisations
and other research institutions concerning ideas for new collaborations. We offer the entire range of AAU’s general forms of collaboration:

  • Research projects
  • Industrial PhD programmes
  • Application-oriented explanatory projects
  • Student collaboration
  • Professional networks
  • Continuing education

In addition, our researchers are represented on a wide range of external boards and committees.

Selected prior collaboration topics:

  • Analysis of the culture and cultural differences in a Danish international company and their importance for the daily communication and collaboration across national borders
  • Uncovering cultural issues in the encounter between patients of a different ethnic background and Danish hospital personnel
  • Analysis of the media’s presentation of biotechnological solutions (e.g. GMO in foodstuff) to the public and the importance of this for the formation of public opinion on new technologies
  • User analysis concerning holiday homes and holiday home areas of the future
  • Crime fiction and crime journalism in Scandinavia
  • Climate changes and everyday life
  • Qualitative investigation of the mentor network of the Danish Centre for Information on Gender, Equality and Ethnicity
  • Preparation of a biography of the former Danish Prime Minister J. C. Christensen
  • Storytelling destination development

Industry knowledge

Our competences with regards to collaboration cover a wide range, as shown above. In particular, we have experience working with:

  • The tourism sector (private and public tourism organisations at a national, regional and local level)
  • The healthcare sector
  • Local authorities
  • Private companies
  • The hospital sector
  • The IT/software industry
  • The financial sector (banks)

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