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Civil Engineering

The work areas at the Department of Civil Engineering are based in the engineering and scientific disciplines within the building and construction sector. Our work covers fields ranging from construction, indoor climate, energy use in buildings, harbour construction and bridge structures to fields such as environmental plants and pro- jects, wave energy facilities and offshore wind turbines.

We strive to create a dynamic research environment which is why we work in both national as well as inter- national settings and why we also undertake contrac- tual research projects for governmental institutions as well as private companies. We thus focus on knowledge sharing, innovation and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Potential areas of collaboration

Working with us will give companies and organisations access to the latest research and our many competences within research areas such as:

- Design methods in building technology
- IT in civil engineering
- Structural reliability
- Structural and material stability
- Material modelling
- Structural dynamics and structural fatigue
- Concrete and wood technology
- Energy use and indoor climate in buildings
- Net Zero Energy Buildings
- Low-energy and passive house engineering
- Natural and hybrid ventilation
- Airborne spread of infectious disease
- Rainwater and wastewater drainage from urban areas
- Rainwater drainage from motorways
- Uncertainty analyses in relation to different kinds of environmental simulation
- Studies of the efficiency of different wave energy plants
- Scour protection and run-up on offshore wind turbines

How can we help you?

We can help companies and public organisations solve problems within our fields of research. As almost all our projects are to some degree associated with companies, our collaboration experience is extensive, both in terms of student and research collaboration. We offer collabo- ration within all of AAU’s general collaboration forms:

- Research projects
- Practical experiments in our labs
- Student projects
- Industrial PhD collaborations with a basis in your company
- Theoretical research
- In-situ measurements
- Lab experiments

Selected prior collaboration topics:

- Testing windows in order to prevent dampness
- Consequences of tremors along train rails
- Power performance of a wave energy device
- Integrated intelligent technologies for net zero-energy buildings

Industry knowledge

We collaborate primarily with companies within the building and construction sector, and we have a firm knowledge of the demands and legislation within this area.

Find out more at www.civil.aau.dk