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Architecture, Design and Media Technology

The vision of the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology is to develop an innovative cluster of engineering-based environments for research and education that integrates creativity, engineering and technology within architecture, urban design, industrial design, digital design and interactive media. The department is unique in a Danish context in that we bring together all these disciplines under one roof.

Potential areas of collaboration

Working with us will give companies and organisations access to the latest research and our many competences within these research areas:

Architecture, including:

- Health care and the aged
- Integrated design
- Environmental architecture
- The architect’s IT tools
- Tectonic form

Urban design, including:

- Urban theory, form and experience
- Social functions and relations
- Mobility
- Environmental relations
- Urban landscapes

Industrial design, including:

- Design methodology
- Product and system design
- Man-machine interface
- Sustainability
- Strategic design
- Service design
- Design-driven innovation

Digital design, including:

- Experience design
- Parametric modelling
- Generative and computational design
- Virtual and augmented reality
- Product and building information modelling
- Computer-supported learning

Media technology, including:

- Human-computer interaction
- Audio-visual effects
- Human perception
- Immersive computer systems
- New interactive systems

How can we help you?

We offer the full range of all AAU’s forms of collaboration:

- Research and student projects
- Developing visions and strategies for cities, buildings or products
- Solving concrete development projects
- Developing media technological products
- Developing IT-supported products
- Simulations of products

Selected prior collaboration topics:

- Urban development in a North Jutland village
- The development of an exciting, innovative new environment on Aalborg’s harbour front
- Placing virtual ads in TV programmes
- The development of sound effects
- Interactive media supported by computer vision

Industry knowledge

The department is currently working with a number of public institutions and research and educational envi- ronments. In addition, the department has experience collaborating with a wide range of professions, as our competences can be utilised within such diverse fields as computer games, learning, experience economy, mar- keting and playware, as well as any business imaginable that can make use of architecture, urban design, indus- trial design, digital design and information technology.

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