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Aalborg University Esbjerg

As the name indicates, Aalborg University Esbjerg is a division of Aalborg University located in Esbjerg in Southern Denmark. Aalborg University Esbjerg was inaugurated in 1995, when Aalborg University and Esbjerg Teknikum merged and as such is a research and educational institution with a wide range of research activities and study programmes.

Our location in southwest Denmark means that our research is aimed at supporting regional development. It is our aim to make our research and competences available to the region’s business and industry and to conduct relevant research in collaboration with the region’s companies and public institutions.

Potential areas of collaboration

We work extensively with the surrounding world, and this includes collaborations with local companies and institutions. Among other areas, our research covers:

- Civil and Mechanical Engineering
- Energy Engineering
- Chemistry and Biotechnology Engineering
- Medialogy
- Software Engineering
- Electronics and Control Engineering
- Fishing Technology

Our research competences reside within the following departments:

- Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
- Department of Civil Engineering
- Department of Electronic Systems
- Department of Energy Technology
- Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

Read more in the profile of each department or at www.aaue.dk