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Aalborg University Copenhagen (AAU-Cph) is located in the South Harbour. Aalborg University has had a division in the Copenhagen area since 2002 and our campus has been located in the South Harbour since july 2012.

Potential areas of collaboration

We always welcome collaboration with both large and small companies, and our activities cover a wide range of subjects, from virtual reality to mobile telephony to microbiology. Our research activities mainly take place within the framework of the departments mentioned below as well as the Danish Building Research Institute, but we also collaborate with the other departments at the university.

- Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
- Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
- Department of Communication and Psychology
- Department of Culture and Global Studies
- Department of Learning and Philosophy
- Department of Mathematical Sciences
- Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
- Department of Development and Planning
- Department of Political Sciences
- Danish Building Research Institute

Read more in the profile of each department or at www.aau-cph.dk