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Student job - Easy access to highly qualified manpower

It is a good investment for companies and organizations to hire students in student jobs. Costs are low and since the students are also well equipped to handle tasks related to their studies, it is a golden opportunity to solve some of the tasks that get overlooked due to time-related or economic reasons.

When hiring a student, companies get a highly qualified worker capable of performing a variety of jobs. As the university is not as such involved in the hiring process and terms of the employment, the company and the student determine the duration of the employment. Thus, the student can work in the company for an extended period of time, which means the company can involve
the student in the day-to-day work to a greater degree than what is possible for student projects or traineeships.

At the same time, the student acquires extensive insight into the company’s work processes, products and projects. In this way, the student gets a taste of what the company is like as a place of employment.

Aalborg University facilitates contact between students and companies but is not otherwise involved in the work agreement.


a wide range of general competencies

Although the most gain is of course hiring a student to solve a study-related task, students also possess a number of general competences that are essential for solving many different types of tasks. Among other things, it should be emphasized that the students:

  • are industrious and motivated
  • are used to working with IT and technical equipment
  • work in a goal-oriented manner
  • are serious about solving tasks – independently and in groups
  • are independent and willing to make a decision
  • have good writing ability
  • have worked extensively with information searching, data processing and analysis
  • are good at coordinating and structuring
  • can keep many balls in the air at once
  • can quickly form an overview and summarize knowledge
  • can think critically
  • can communicate knowledge
  • are flexible in relation to working hours



If you wish to advertise a student job directed at AAU students, you can submit your job to AAU Jobbank.


Collaboration with students

​Aalborg University students have high disciplinary expertise in their subjects, as well as a wide range of general competencies related to group work and project work. They are therefore equipped to undertake a wide variety of tasks in your business.

Whether in terms of an internship, a student job or project, companies will get a highly motivated, inventive employee capable of solving specific tasks in conjunction with the company, or more generally, looking at the daily practices of the company with fresh eyes. And furthermore, they get the chance to introduce the company to potential future employees.

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