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Danish Innovation Centres

AAU Matchmaking partners with the Danish Innovation Centres in Silicon Valley, USA; Shanghai, China and Munich, Germany.

An innovation centre is a Danish agency abroad and the partnership aims to offer companies, researchers and other interested parties access to international markets and partners in an environment where innovation and new thinking is top priority. The centres are established through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Trade Council and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and are staffed with employees from the two ministries as well as a number of local employees in research, innovation and investment promotion.

Every innovation centre has certified matchmakers who are in close contact with the Matchmaking secretariat and who can offer advice and help facilitate contacts.

For general information on the innovation centres contact the Trade Council, tel. +45 3392 0500 or the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, tel. +45 3544 6200

You can also learn more about the Danish Innovation Centres abroad in the brochures.


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