AAU Match

AAU Match bring companies and students together

AAU offers a full palette of opportunities for collaboration that applies equally to small and medium businesses and to large - from working with students on projects or internships, to networking of researchers and practitioners (around specific subject areas), to opportunities to make use of university laboratory facilities, to more binding cooperation on research and development, just to mention some of the possibilities. Common to these options is the scientific focus and an approach that in most cases benefits both the company and the researcher.

Aalborg University students have high disciplinary expertise in their subjects, as well as a wide range of general competencies related to group work and project work. They are therefore equipped to undertake a wide variety of tasks in your business.

At AAU Match we initiate, support and coordinate cooperation activities that ensure the right match between the company, the task and the students before the cooperation begins.

In addition to our cooperation activities we also manage the following:

AAU Alumni

Our big network of former students from Aalborg University. Members of AAU Alumni benefit from exclusive invitations for networking events as well as news and deals, such as reduced ticket prizes for talks and events at Folkeuniversitetet and full access to all AAU library materials. Are you an AAU Alumni? Sign up now.

AAU Jobbank

Our job portal where you can post jobs and student jobs or post a project and internship opportunity for free. You can target the post to specific segments and thus achieve a more efficient recruitment process and improve your employer branding. Read more at jobbank.aau.dk.

Employer Branding

With a collaboration agreement with AAU, your company can raise ithe profile for AAU students and graduates and become a well-known name among them. Contact us to learn more.

AAU Matchers

Ambitious students who volunteer to help AAU Match create visibility around collaboration opportunities between students at their respective departments and the business community.


Contact AAU Match

To learn more about recruiting AAU students and graduates or participating in one of our matchmaking events, please feel free to contact us:

Tel.: +45 9940 8090
E-mail: match@aau.dk

Meet the AAU Match team.