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AAU Matchmaking has experienced a need for closer and more direct contact with AAU students. That is why a new initiative, AAU Matcher, is being introduced. Apart from our own experience, the initiative is based on studies showing that students are often how companies approach collaboration with the university.

With AAU Matcher, AAU Matchmaking expands its existing infrastructure which already includes direct communication channels to AAU researchers through internal matchmakers at the departments and to companies through external matchmakers in the region's municipalities.

AAU Matcher is a volunteer student activity, based on the Pay It Forward principle (PIF), a principle that pays tribute to giving without expecting to get something back immediately in the form of payment. In the AAU Matcher initiative, this is put into practice with students providing the AAU Matcher function as well as utilizing relevant networks and contacts in the collaboration. At the same time, there are gains for AAU Matchers such as an increased business relevant network, increased chances of getting a job immediately after graduation and networking with other AAU Matchers, all of which prove useful going forward.

Since good collaborative work depends on close network relationships, AAU Matcher is based on collaboration that extends over a longer period (4 years), so as much experience and knowledge as possible comes into play.

Is AAU Matcher something for me?

If you're an AAU master's student and if you'd like unique access to, among other things, business relevant networks, events, etc., and to act as a direct link between students and AAU Matchmaking, then AAU Matcher is for you.

As an AAU Matcher you get to:

  • actively develop the concept further in conjunction with AAU Matchmaking.
  • be a part of social innovation in a creative environment as well as impact and develop Aalborg University's cooperation with the outside world.
  • strengthen your business profile and CV while you study. All AAU Matchers get their own business card.
  • receive mails and newsletters with events and news.
  • participate in the Matchmaking Conference and a network tour.

We expect that as an AAU Matcher you:

  • are interested and engaged in AAU Matchmaking.
  • actively work to generate interest in AAU Matchmaking's activities among your fellow students.
  • react and follow up on inquiries you get + report back to the Matchmaking Secretariat.
  • pass along AAU Matchmaking's offerings to fellow students in your program.
  • inform the Matchmaking Secretariat about the needs and activities in your program.
  • participate in relevant networks and Matchmaking activities.
  • are engaged and active for at least two years after graduation (even if you work abroad or outside the region).

AAU Matcher tasks

As an AAU Matcher, you'll handle the following specific tasks:

  • write short posts on a blog after participation at events.
  • act as a Matchmaker for fellow students from different fields of study.
  • make presentations during the start of the semester.
  • participate in fairs: Career Fair and DSE fair.
  • recruit for Solution Camps, Tour De Kommune, as well as for direct inquiries from companies wanting student collaboration, etc.
  • participate in AAU activities: Matchmaking Conference, knowledge sharing/theme evenings, etc.
  • be visible at student events.
  • make company visits, if this is suitable/an obvious choice.
  • use social media to share knowledge about activities and information of relevance for AAU Matcher.

Be an AAU Matcher

If you would like to be part of AAU Matcher, you are welcome to fill out an 
AAU Matcher application form.

Further information

If you have an event, meeting or something similar that would benefit from the participation of qualified and dedicated AAU students, please contact Lotte F. Nielsen or Jakob D. Knudsen.

AAU Matchers work on a volunteer basis and therefore it is largely the students’ own choice as to what activities they get involved in. So consider in advance what both parties have to gain.

If you have questions or would like more information about AAU Matcher, please feel free to contact:


Contact persons

Contact AAU Matchmaking

Contact AAU Matchmaking

Niels Jernes Vej 10
9220 Aalborg Øst
E-mail: match@aau.dk

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